Jewelry Repair

Jewelry is meant to be worn and enjoyed so if your jewelry is broken or doesn’t fit properly, we can help! When you bring your jewelry to Holtan’s Jewelry to be repaired all the work is done on site by Master Goldsmith Marshall Holtan. Our repair services range from simple cleanings to complete re-builds and custom jewelry design.

Stop in to talk to us about your repair project – we can give you a repair estimate on the spot! Here are a few examples of common jewelry repairs:

  • Your hands have changed and your favorite ring or wedding set needs to be resized up or down.
  • Your child/cat/dog pulled the chain on your favorite necklace and it needs to be soldered back together.
  • Your wedding ring has begun to catch on blankets and sweaters – it might be time to have the tips repaired.
  • You have decided to solder your engagement ring and wedding band together.
  • You inherited a family heirloom and you want to make sure it's in good enough condition to wear and enjoy.

These were just a few examples of common jewelry repairs. If you have a piece of jewelry that’s broken but you’re not sure what needs to be done, don’t worry! Bring it down to Holtan’s Jewelry and our team will examine the jewelry and advise you on what can be done to make your jewelry like new again!

Did you know… That we do free ring cleaning and inspection while you wait? It is a good idea to have your rings inspected every 3-6 months. When you bring your ring in for inspection we will examine the tips and prongs to make sure your diamond is being held securely in place. We can advise you when it might be time for a little routine maintenance as well. Our Master Goldsmith has over 20 years experience, so if it can be fixed, he can do it!

If you have any questions about jewelry repair, fill out the form below or text us at 507-454-6449!

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