Custom Jewelry Design


We do a lot of custom jewelry design, in fact, about 30% of people who come to us for an engagement ring choose to have us design a custom engagement ring that is totally unique. In many cases, the bride to be has a vision of what she wants and the couple needs us to make that happen. Other times, they have diamonds or gemstones from a family member that they want incorporated into their custom engagement ring (it can also be done with any other type of jewelry). When this is the case, we are able to create a design using the bride-to-be's favorite design style and make design modifications so her stones fit perfectly into the ring.

Engagement rings aren't the only type of jewelry done in custom design. We also make pendants, earrings and "non-engagement" rings. We do free consultations on custom jewlery design and would love to speak with you about your ideas! Stop in or set up an appointment to speak with our goldsmith.

Do you have a unique vision for your custom engagement ring that you need help bringing to life? Or a collection of old jewelry that you want incorporated into one fantastic new piece? Whatever your inspiration may be, we can help make your dream jewelry a reality!

The only thing we need to get started is an idea – if you don’t have one yet, don’t worry! We can help! Pinterest is always a great resource for inspiration to get you started. We can also take you through the jewelry in our store to help inspire you for your custom project. In addition to all those resources, we have access to hundreds of designers and catalogs with thousands of pieces of inspiration.

Once we know your general idea we get to work creating the design. We may sketch out a drawing by hand or get right to work rendering your piece with CAD software. This stage of the process is the time to visualize design elements, metal types or even try our different colors of gemstones. We may go through several different versions before deciding on the final design.

The next step is to create a wax model of the piece; we grow the wax in a state-of-the-art 3d printer. The printer builds the wax layer by layer perfectly replicating all the detail of the CAD design in the precise dimensions. The wax is when we begin to see the design take shape in physical form.

We will now use the 3D model to make an investment mold that will be used in the casting process.

After the piece of jewelry is casted, it's off to the jeweler's bench and polishing wheel to complete the project. At the jeweler's bench we clean up the rough casting using small polishing wheels. We even out the metal surface and remove any scratches or imperfections.


Do you have a question for the jeweler about custom jewelry design? Ask now!

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