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From Showroom to Showplace as the old song says: "If they could see me now!" When Quinn and Rosalie Holtan first opened the doors to their business at 105 E. 3rd Street in downtown Winona, Minnesota on June 6th, 1983 it was called "Holtan's Catalog Showroom" and featured a mind boggling variety of merchandise. Customers could purchase jewelry, giftware, electronics, housewares, baby products, and even bicycles...all under one roof.

However, Quinn and Rosalie's passion had always been jewelry, and it was the jewelry end of the business that really took off and prospered. In 1993 the store was remodeled to focus only on jewelry and giftware, and in 2002 the storefront was removed and a dramatic modern design emerged.

Holtan's Jewelry is Winona's full service jewelry shop featuring in-house manufacturing and custom design for the creative spirit. Holtan's also offers fast, reliable, in-store repairs featuring laser welding. Holtan's array of in-store professional services include: custom wax carving, computer aided design (CAD), 3D printing, casting, stone setting, hand engraving, remounts and all levels of fine jewelry repair.

As a direct diamond importer, Quinn travels to Antwerp, Belgium twice a year to hand pick diamonds for the store and for its customers. Buying direct from this major diamond cutting center provides unprecedented selection and value.

Holtan's Jewelry has a reputation for positive and cooperative leadership in the jewelry industry. Holtan's business mission is to provide outstanding service, fair pricing, unparalleled selection and exquisite quality for their customers.

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